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Secure Backup provides an easy, safe and secure backup with the scalability and automation of enterprise level solutions.
Ensuring that only you can access your data, we use encryption algorithms that exceed those required for online banking.

Our cloud backup service utilizes state-of-the-art file servers in two secure data centers located thousands of miles apart. Each facility is secured with biometric controlled access, 24/7 monitoring, backup generators and redundant connections to the Internet.
Our system backs up locally and to the cloud so you have both quick and reliable access to all your data.

Our technicians will set up and configure your cloud backup and train you on the intuitive navigation interface, so that you can access whatever you may need to efficiently support your business and your clients.

Secure Backup

  • Microsoft Exchange and SQL support
  • System State Backups
  • Rapidly recover VMware-based virtual environments with the local QuickSpin disaster recovery tool.
  • Immediate business availability that limits downtime in the event of data loss
  • Restore VMware data locally within minutes without the need for an on-site visit or extra software
  • Consolidate multiple backup and disaster recovery tools with one convenient web-based solution
  • Retention and Archiving
  • Intelliblox: Block-Level Backup Technology
  • Backup Status Dashboard
  • Bandwidth Throttling
  • Email notification
  • Flexible Scheduling and Granularity

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