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Cloud Collaboration is an easy to use, yet feature-rich video conferencing tool that lets you host online meetings without the hassles involved with some similar services. You no longer have to deal with firewalls, proxy barriers or complicated procedures when you need to hold an online meeting.
Face to face meetings become possible and practical, even when you can’t actually meet face to face.

Cloud Collaboration provides useful, customizable, efficient features that simplify how you manage and attend meetings. It is a helpful tool for providing training and seminars to anyone from anywhere, at any time.

Cloud Collaboration

Cloud Collaboration Benefits

Increased Productivity

– Groups can collaborate together in real-time to share documents, ideas, and plans from anywhere.

Reduced Training Costs

– A single user can share materials and resources with several participants at one time.


– Communicate across the globe from your laptop, tablet, or desktop.


– Video conferencing for multiple participants allows users to experience the benefits of multi party video conferencing.

Cloud Collaboration Features


UC-one is an application for laptops, tablets, androids, iPhones, and desktops that gives you complete control of all telephony functions including instant messaging. You get the ability to see the phone status of anyone in your group and IM them, from anywhere at any time.

Cloud Messaging

sends and receives SMS text messages through your business phone. Simply use one business phone number for voice and text communications. After downloading the easy to use application, you will be able to receive text messages sent to your business phone number. When you send text messages from the application, the receiver will now see your business number.

Cloud Collaboration Pricing

Features Web-8 Web-25 Web-100 Web-250
Price per user (monthly) $24.99 $39.99 $79.99 $89.99
Number of attendees (per user) 8 25 100 250
Personal Branding (photo)
Green Meeter
Video for floor holder
Video for participants
Annotation Tools
Pointer Tool
Transfer files to and from participants
Participant sharing rights
Remote desktop control
Audience engagement monitoring
Feedback via Q&A, Voting, & more
Public chat
Private Chats
Customizable invitation & reminder emails
Session recording and editing tools
Personal Reporting
Closed captioning
Leader synchronized web browsing
Real time custom polling
Webinar registration tools
Streaming audio/video
Public facing activity launch portal
Breakout groups
Glimpse (view students screens)
Online course catalog

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